Recently, emerging technologies are seen to be having enormous potential to meet the global challenges. One of the high-potential technologies IS considered to be Informatics. It is expected to revolutionize the value-additions to the huge information component, which is growing exponentially. Technological innovations in the field of storage, mining and services may be the key to address emerging challenges. Though a number of other advanced technologies include synthetic biology, Nano-scale design, systems biology, wireless networks, ICT (Information and Communications Technology) enhanced educational systems etc. ICT appears to be spearheading all such developments at one or the other levels. In order to add some flavor to address the challenges, some of the technologies, which have recently emerged and are being rapidly adapted include cloud, grid, mobile, and green computing.

Topics covered so far:

CHAPTER 8 8.3.2 Goals of Cloud Computing
CHAPTER 8 8.3.4 Cloud Computing Environment
CHAPTER 8 8.3.5 Cloud Computing Service Models
CHAPTER 8 8.3.6 Characteristics of Cloud Computing
CHAPTER 8 8.3.7 Advantages of Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing, simply means the use of computing resources as a service through networks, typically the Internet. The Internet is commonly visualized as clouds; hence the term "cloud computing" for computation done through the Internet. With Cloud Computing, users can access database resources via the Internet from anywhere, for as long as they need, without worrying about any maintenance or management of actual resources. Besides these, databases in the cloud may be highly dynamic and scalable. In fact, it is a very independent platform in terms of computing. The best example of cloud computing is Google Apps where any application can be accessed using a browser and it can be deployed on thousands of computer through the Internet.

Now to learn the topics related to cloud computing we are going to use Mnemonics.
Topic Serial No. reference will be from the ICAI Module.

Topic # 8.3.2


Goals of Cloud computing are as follows:
  • To create a highly efficient IT ecosystem, where resources are pooled together and costs are aligned with what resources are actually used, 
  • To access services and data from anywhere at any time; 
  • To scale the IT ecosystem quickly, easily and cost-effectively based on the evolving business needs; To consolidate IT infrastructure into a more integrated and manageable environment; 
  • To reduce costs related to IT energy/power consumption; 
  • To enable or improve "Anywhere Access' (AA) for ever-increasing users; and 
  • To enable rapidly provision resources as needed. 
Now, how to learn/remember the above topic?


LINK: Ambani ka beta Goal(गोल) hai
STORY to help you remember this topic:

Chanda kochhar ने reduce करनी थी COST related to power consumption
Ambani ने SCALE करना था  IT system (quickly, easily & cost effectively)
दोनों ने मिल कर  HIGHLY EFFECTIVE SYSTEM बनाया जिससे
Anil ambani रोया और बोला मुझे भी ANYWHERE ACCESS IMPROVE करना है
kochhar बीच में आ गयी और बोली कोई नहीं तू PAY-PER-USE लेले .
For further understanding watch the Class here

Topic # 8.3.4 


There are four types of Cloud Computing Environment:
  1. Private Cloud
  2. Public Cloud
  3. Hybrid Cloud
  4. Community Cloud
Each cloud computing environment has different characteristics, advantages & disadvantages.
We can easily remember all this with the help of Mnemonics which are mentioned down below.


Private Cloud: Amir khan private parties करता है Public Cloud: Abishek की public ने पिटाई करी Hybrid Cloud: Salman Hi! बहुत अच्छे ढंग से करता है Community Cloud: Akshay Kumar communities की help करता है 
Take a look at the chart to understand their Characteristics & further explanation is given in the Class provided down below.

Class on YouTube:

Topic # 8.3.5


Cloud computing is a model that enables the end users to access the shared pool of resources such as compute, network, storage, database and application as an on-demand service without the need to buy or own it. The services are provided and managed by the service provider, reducing the management effort from the end user side. The essential characteristics of the cloud include on-demand, self-service, broad network access, resource pooling, rapid elasticity, and measured service. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines three basic service models: Infrastructure as a Service (laaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). 

These Models have various Services, Characteristics & instances which can be learned easily with the help of Mnemonics that are prepared by CAdoErs Handwritten.


Link: Iaas (baaz), Paas (pas vala ghar), Saas (MD saas)
All three Models are covered in a single Class video which is provided down below.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (laaS)

Baaz ka infrastructure strong hota hai
Baaz ELASTIC hota hai aur DYNAMIC bhi,
inki team CENTRALIZED manage hoti hai,
order milte hi METRED SERVICES dete hai,
WEB se hi ACCESS kar lete hai resourse ko,
SHARE Kar k khate hai.


Baaz ka NETWORK hota hai,
ek dusre ka LOAD BALANCE karte hai
door door se ate hai (comute)/(COMPUTE)
phir laake khana STORE karte hai


DESKTOP pe betha hai
BACKEND se khana ata hai
jahan khana STORE hota hai
jisse Dimag (DATABASE) strong hota hai

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)


line: paas vala Ghar

DO DOST the dono EK JAISE the
dono ne COLLABORATE ho kar BUILT kiya ghar
jisse vo dono OFFLINE ACCESS karte the aur
jise vo WEB ACCESS karna chahte the
DIVERSE TOOLS ki madad se ghar banaya


Ghar mai PROGRAM (party) rakhi
LIST Banayei guest ki(database)
APPLICATION {INVITE} di sabko(Application framework)
TOOLS (other tools) se party organize ki

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

line: MD Saas


Saas MD hoti hai aur sabko manage karti hai
saas sabko CENTRALIZE MANAGE karti hai
Baccho ki HIGH AVAILABILITY hoti haisas k liye
Kaan pakard ke BETTER SCALABILITY krti hai
Aap to wife ke sath Integrate rahte ho (API INTEGRATION)
itna mat rho AASMAAN pe chard jayegi vo (WEB ACCESS)


saas ka MAIL ke sath chakkar tha
Mail BUSINESS karta tha
use DOCUMENT (chitthi) send karti thi
SOCIAL media pe chatting karti thi


line: Saas khana khati thi (EAT)

E: Email aasA: API aasT: Testing aas


Topic # 8.3.6 

Characteristics of Cloud Computing 

Cloud Computing, typically entails few very important characteristics apart from the popular essentials of the computing paradigms. Few of them are given as follows: 

  • High Scalability: Cloud environments enable servicing of business requirements for larger audiences, through high scalability. 
  • Agility: The cloud works in the 'distributed mode environment'. It shares resources among users and tasks, while improving efficiency and agility (responsiveness). 
  • High Availability and Reliability: Availability of sewers is supposed to be high and more reliable as the chances of infrastructure failure are minimal. 
  • Multi-sharing: With the cloud working in a distributed and shared mode, multiple users and applications can work more efficiently with cost reductions by sharing common infrastructure. Services in Pay-Per-Use Mode: SLAS between the provider and the user must be defined when offering services in pay per use mode. 
  • Virtualization: This technology allows servers and storage devices to increasingly share and utilize applications, by easy migration from one physical sewer to another. 
  • Performance: It is monitored and consistent and loosely coupled architectures are constructed using web services as the system interface. 
  • Maintenance: The cloud computing applications are easier, because they are not to be installed on each user's computer and can be accessed from different places. 

These above characteristics can be easily remembered with the help of Mnemonics which are provided below.


Line: Salman Katrina Character Dheela


Dance performance chal rhi thi
Dono ki aankhen mili
High response mila
Dono ki reliability & availability bardhi
High Scale pe batein hone lagi
Multiple baton ki sharing honi lgi
Larka Pay-per-use mode pe tha
larki apne aap to Maintain kar k rakhti thi
For better understanding watch the Video Class given down below after the topic of Advantages of Cloud Computing.

YouTube @ CAdoErs Handwritten

Topic 8.3.7


Advantages are:
  • Cost effeciency
  • Almost Unlimited Storage
  • Backup & Recovery
  • Automatic Software integration
  • Easy access to information
  • Quick Deployment

To remember this we are going to use the following Mnemonic

line: Bachpan k pyaar ki advantages hoti hai

Bachpan ka pyar QUICK DEPLOY hota h
barde hote hi AUTOMATIC S/W INTEGRATION hoti h
dono k dilo mai UNLIMITED STORAGE hai
BACKUP & RECOVERY mushkil hoti h
pal pal ki khabar (INFORMATION) chayea (EASY ACCESS)
whatsapp use kiya (COST EFFICIENCY)

Watch the Video Class of Characteristics & Advantages of Cloud Computing

YouTube @ CAdoErs Handwritten

More topics will be added soon. Stay Tuned!



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