Exam Tricks

Some important points that need to be kept in mind while appearing for the CA Final/IPCC exams.
Motivational videos from renowned speakers will also be shared in this post to boost your spirit & pump confidence. Hope these points/videos will be of some help & contribute to your success.

About ISCA:

  • Headings are the Most important part of the answers. Without Headings (Module Headings) scoring marks in ISCA are next to impossible. Having said that, only Headings are also not sufficient. You have to write some matter for those heading. [Just write something at least (Check the ISCA certified copies if you have any doubts about it].
  • Try to cover all the topics. I know at times it is not possible to cover the whole thing but try to do the topics that are almost at the end of the chapters & in the very beginning as chances of those topics are very high. Students revising the subject try to finish the chapters in a hurry when they are very close to the end & end up skipping or not paying that much attention to the topics that are at the end. [eg. CH-5 ADIS (SDLC phase related to "Testing")] 
  • Study for the day before the Exam. i.e Study to Revise. Only when you'll be able to revise your topics/chapters then only you'll get the confidence to appear in the exam. And believe me when I say this if you don't revise your Stuff, even if you have read it earlier, In the exam, there is a very slight chance that you'll be able to recall it. So, Revise, revise & revise.
  • Study only that much portion of the topic which you think you'll be able to recall it in the examination hall.
  • ISCA question paper consists Questions of 4 Mark, 5 Mark & 6 Mark (unless ICAI does something different) so keep that in mind. Prepare your answer according to the Marking so that you don't spend much time writing a 4 Mark question very lengthy and taking up time much more than needed.
  • Most important thing to do in the 15 Minutes time before the exam start is to figure out the question that you will leave & try to cover the whole question paper.
  • Costing & DT subjects are very hard to cover in the 15 Minutes time.
  • Just stay calm even if you are not able to recall the question, start another one & the first question will come back to you (& if not, well at least you didn't waste your time thinking too much about it & thereby exhausting your precious time)

About ISCA subject I have already made a video for the students who are pursuing my Mnemonics videos.

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